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> there is a greatness inside you that scares the hell out of you > that you want to feel what you do in life matters and makes a difference > you’re sick of letting fear hold you back When I became a Life Coach & Fear Fighter, I made it my mission to help women around the world be free of their fears so they can step out boldly and make a difference in their world. It doesn’t matter whether that difference is in your own home, your community, with your career or starting your own non-profit to eradicate poverty around the world. It’s your world. You choose how you want to live in it. If you are ready to stop being held captive by your inner critic or if you know it’s time to get unstuck and embrace your God given mission on this planet, then you’re in the right place.   Here’s how this works to get you where you want to be: We start with figuring out what you want – what you REALLY want. And not just that one thing that you’re dying to do on the outside but how you want to feel on in the inside – every day. Then we’ll develop the road map to get you there. Just like you can’t get from Ohio to Florida without a GPS or map, it is the same with your life. Once we have the map, we begin the journey. This is where we do the deep dive and uncover those fears and old stories that just aren’t serving you or the life you want anymore. And magic happens. You begin to feel lighter, freer and more courageous. Each step breeds more confidence and in the end, you’re not the same person you were when you started. There is an incredible shift happening right now. Women all over the world are recognizing that they don’t want to settle for a life that is filled with a busy calendar but leaves them empty on the inside. I believe that you and I are part of a giant wave of women who want to wash away the definition of the perfect mom, wife, career woman and uber volunteer. We know it isn’t about how many activities our kids are in, how much money we make or how many likes we get on Facebook. It’s about being present every day, doing what we’re meant to do on this earth and feeling a level of contentment and joy that most people only dream of! You’re done with the old way of living and you’re open to finding a new path. If you’re up for a road trip, I’m excited to join you on the journey. Click HERE we can set up a time to talk and see if I’m the right partner for your next adventure.


View More: http://angeladimler.pass.us/kathleen-murrayKathleen loves road trips. She’s traveled to Kenya, Tanzania, Amsterdam, Australia, South Africa and Guatemala as well as numerous destinations across the United States. But there was a time when she was scared to even leave her home. Kathleen grew up Cincinnati, Ohio and headed off after graduating from college to begin a successful career in politics in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. She started her own political fundraising firm raising millions of dollars for U.S. Presidents, Senators, Congressmen and Chicago’s own Mayor Daley. It was six-figure business with a beautiful office right off Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. But something was missing and that something was love. When she found it, she got married and left the windy city to move back to her husband’s hometown in northern Minnesota, a couple hours from the Canadian border. That is where it all changed for Kathleen. As the first snow started falling in October, Kathleen had her first panic attack. And so began an almost ten year journey through severe panic attacks and anxiety issues. With each episode, her world became smaller as fear kept her from doing what she loved. Kathleen is convinced that her journey out of fear and overcoming the panic attacks was a gift to her so that she could help other women learn that on the other side of fear is an incredible world of excitement, fun and passion which she gets to live in her new career as a Life Coach and Fear Fighter. Kathleen is still married to that wonderful guy from Minnesota and now lives in St. Paul with her three children who she tries to teach the same lessons about living a purposeful life that she is dying to share with you too. Oh, and she’s back to traveling too! To stay inspired and in the loop on how to live fearlessly, Sign up for free updates

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