I was in a job I hated and finally reached my breaking point. Kathleen was recommended to me and I can’t believe how quickly my life changed after coaching with her. I am on a completely new path in life that I have wanted to do for years but for some reason couldn’t get myself there. Working with Kathleen uncovered some hidden beliefs I have held onto and once I let those go, I had the freedom to move forward. I am now finishing up my first year of law school! ~Jackie F.

I came to coaching because I was in a challenging work environment that was taking a toll on me. Working with Kathleen helped me regain my confidence and get clear on my next steps. She uncovered fears that were holding me back. In one session, I said I wanted to see in “full color” and through our work together I am doing just that.  I have so much more clarity and peace. ~Sara L.

I sought out Kathleen because I wanted a new job and just wasn’t getting there on my own. Coaching dramatically reduced the amount of time I spent warped in anxiety. She showed me how to get to know and nurture the part of me that provides encouragement and directions. Once I let go of my fear, I found myself with a can do attitude and able to show my best characteristics. I now have an amazing job that will help propel my career forward, a new apartment, and healthy new relationship. My worries don’t keep me from the adventures life has to offer anymore. ~Nancy C.

The changes in my outlook, my everyday life and future are astonishing and wonderful. I could never have guessed that less than a year later my biggest dream would be realized and every detail would have fallen into place to make my vision a reality. I am amazed. Thank you Kathleen. Namaste! ~Catherine M.

Coaching with Kathleen got me past my own limitations of what career options I thought I had. It was like taking the blinders off and I could see all kinds of possibilities. As I write this, I am now in my new position as a Patient Advocate! I don’t think I would be here if it hadn’t been for the coaching I did with Kathleen. ~Erin M.

I knew what I wanted but I just couldn’t seem to get there. Kathleen helped me connect to what really motivates me so that the negative mindsets left me. Within days of our work, I was one of two people interviewed for a job with 148 applicants…and I got the job! I kiddingly told Kathleen that she is a voodoo worker with how quickly my life turned around after coaching with her. ~Melissa B.

I came to coaching blocked and unable to make any progress toward my next career move. What I got was so much more than career advice. I was invited to explore my interior and spiritual life, to come face to face with my fears, insecurities, and old beliefs that were holding me down. It has been life-changing, transformative. I said to my sister, “I feel younger;”  and by that I mean I feel more vibrant, taller – comfortable in my own skin, fully present to all of life and grateful for who I am and my experiences.  Instead of scattered and afraid I feel like I’ve got it all together, I’m not alone, and with work and attention my next career step will become clear. ~Liz C.

I am a confident person who loves life but somewhere under that motivation, I discovered I had a lot of self-limiting beliefs and judgments, about myself and the world around me. So I would tell myself I should wait until I had more experience to go after that job I really wanted. Kathleen helped me stop and take notice of the little behaviors that were undermining my happiness. I had never considered how powerful those negative messages to myself were, but they were holding me back.  While the work we did was subtle, the change has been profound. I now have my belief that I can do anything in this life that I put my mind to.” ~Shannon F.

I hired Kathleen during a time in my life when I felt a bit lost, stuck and down in every area of my life. Even with just a few sessions, she helped me be a happier, fuller, joyful person. I am so much more self-aware and the one main thing she helped me to learn was the power of gratitude. I am grateful for what she’s done for me. I don’t remember a time in my life when I was so lost that someone was able to help me turn it around so quickly. I will never forget the help she gave me! ~Clara H.

After several months of job search, I found a new career path that is truly an unbelievable opportunity for me.  With Kathleen’s guidance, I was able to focus and visualize my passions. Without her coaching, it’s unlikely I would have pursued this opportunity.  I honestly believe if I would have met her sooner, my job transition period would have been significantly shorter. ~John F.

Kathleen was an incredible coach. She helped me to open doors that had been welded shut. ~Susan W.

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